ConferenceThe 19th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering
Theme‘Unearth the Future, Connect beyond [ ]’
Date17(Sun.) – 22(Fri.) September 2017
VenueCoex, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Official LanguageEnglish (French translation is partially provided)

Unearth the Future, Connect beyond [ ]

Five colours of the Olympic Flag are conceptualised with stratum to demonstrate harmonious contribution the 19th ICSMGE-Seoul 2017 may bring to life. The five colours are representing living organisms, ground waters and stratum, mirrors the role of soil, the foundation of life. Arched stratum, too, embodies the flowing image of the Han River, which has been perceived as the heart of Korea’s Economic Miracle for nationals. The logo of the 19th ICSMGE-Seoul 2017 presents our commitment of sharing and bridging knowledge, experience and friendship with participants from all over the world.

The theme of ‘Unearth the Future, Connect beyond [ ]’ can be differentiated with indefinite variable last word. The bid committee of the 19th ICSMGE-Seoul 2017 shall offer you a vision with unique interpretation of past, present and future, bridging young and senior engineers as well as developed and developing nations.

Conference Objectives

•  To pursue mutual understanding and collaboration between experts and interested parties.
• To create an opportunities of sharing and learning up-to-date knowledge and offer a platform where experts, researchers and students could be
  reassembled to discuss present and prospective pertinent issues.
• To arouse a positive momentum in achieving the convergence of Korea’s advanced civil construction technology and high technology, with the
  application of renewable energies, IT, BT and Nano technologies.
• To establish an environment where transforming research is implemented to improve science and social structure.