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Why is SSD faster than HDD for video editing?

Using an SSD for video editing can help your software to process quickly by opening and rendering files faster than HDD. It happens because an SSD uses flash memory modules, while hard-drives store data on a rotating platter, and use magnetism to execute read and write operations.

Some very common critical paths in video editing are

  • Reading video data from disk
  • Rendering video data
  • Writing video data to disk

Usually video is buffered into RAM, but it stores on disk, and thus disk speed becomes important as you play or scrub through your files. SSDs can transfer data between 300 Mb/s – 40 Gb/s, while HDDs performing slower – 20 Mb/s – 220 Mb/s. Modern laptops, computers and workstations use SSDs as internal storage, but external SSDs are also becoming more and more popular. It’s clear that SSDs are far superior to their older HDD counterparts.

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